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#9- Late Animania report

Hello FC2, I have not forgotten about you. At all.

So yes, Animania. more than a month ago. It's been so long, that I forgot what I wanted to talk about. So this'll be another very quick wordy report (I realised that I don't take too much photos + participate at cons lol).

As usual animania itself has failed to please me, especially the disorganised line and the security people forbiding us to take photos anywhere around the ATP (dyke knight lol) but catching up with friends and meeting new people made the con worth it for me~ another con where I managed not to spend any money at other than food!


Cosplayed Allen Walker (3rd uniform) from D.gray-man with le lovely shiyuuki laydeez on Saturday~ I dun wanna talk about myself going up on stage lol xDDD my allen looked too terrifying compared to the rest of the group anyway~


Sunday I cosplayed Hatsune Miku's Eager Love Revenge version~ I cosplayed solo that day, it was supposed to be a group with shiyuuki but they changed their plans lmao. We'll do a photoshoot together another time~

Both these costumes were bought (my sewing skills will blind all of you) and Allen's sword and mask were made by me from scratch~ I had mum help me make the cloak, and ELR Miku's gloves I had to buy + dye since the ones that came with the costume looked like toilet cleaning gloves according to my mum xD

Con season is over now ;^; but photoshoots will be coming around until con season begins again yeyy \o/

Photos by Martin/XxNatto~
I just realised that I did a photoshoot for both costumes in the exact same spot haha xD
Cosplay | CM(9) | TB(0) 2011.10.21(Fri) 22:02

#8- Tweeeetuh

I made a twitter account~ Why did I even. orz

I cbf tablet |D
What is this | CM(1) | TB(1) 2011.08.12(Fri) 19:58

#7- Smaaaaashed


Soooo SMASH! (Sydney Manga and Anime Show) was on the 16th of July- pretty much 3 weeks ago.

.......I forgot what I was about to talk about orz But yeah best convention I've been to so far- the location was nice and spacey (escalators inside! *_*), met heaps of friends and managed to spend absolutely no money there~ \o/ The tourists reactions outside the convention centre were great as well xD

I cosplayed Kagamine Rin's Meltdown [Hard R.K Mix]- and the guitar was pretty much falling apart during the day haha xD It didn't really matter that much since the guitar was incomplete anyway, I guess. Hairspray had been my best friend for this cosplay :L
Cosplay | CM(2) | TB(0) 2011.08.08(Mon) 17:40

#6- Supanova

miku cosplay
I haven't updated this thing in a while |D

Anyway last Saturday I attended supanova- a pop culture convention held in Australia. I didn't have much time to think about what to cosplay, so I ended up cosplaying with the cheapest costume I found on ebay, which was default Miku (Instead of carrying a leek, I decided to go for something different by carrying the plant pot from "Hello, Planet." by sasakure.uk. No-one recognised the reference however xD)~

it's really fun, but can't say it's my favourite convention. It just seemed abit too crowded for me xD plus I had to leave early on the day, so I was only able to hang out for about 4 hours (sitting down and eating half of the time, so I can't write a huge review about it xDDD). Also it was soooooo windy outside haha orz ended up getting a few decent pictures from the shoot. But I still had heapsa fun hanging out with everyone~

With ze sheeyooki laydeeez. Can't wait to cosplay with them for animania :D

Also, smash in 3 weeeeeeks~
Cosplay | CM(2) | TB(0) 2011.06.25(Sat) 19:29

#5- Deadman Wonderland


Is airing in less than a week. Awesome.
I've also picked up A-channel, which started off with a pretty nice first episode. It sorta reminds me of K-on, so I'm least likely to drop it for now~

...I want Madoka back.
Anime & Manga | CM(0) | TB(0) 2011.04.11(Mon) 00:54
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